CD Grade 8 Male/Female

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This CD contains the music for the set exercises, studies and dances in the Grade 8 Male & Female syllabus, recorded in 2006. All music for Grade 8 is by Piotr Ilych Tchaikovksy (1840-1893), and the inlay booklet contains useful information about which music is used for each exercise.

If you have an older edition of the Female Syllabus CD and would like to find out about where the music comes from, you can download a Grade 8 tracklisting. This may also be useful for students who want to find out more about the music they are dancing to.

Download a grade 8 tracklisting here (Please note, this tracklisting refers to the new Grade 8 CD which includes additional music for Males. However, the music information is still correct for the female exercise, but will not align with the track numbers on pre-2006 editions of the CD).