CD Grades 6-7 Female/Male

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Grade 6 and 7 CD (300CD2A)
This double-album contains all the music required for Grade 6 and Grade 7 male and female syllabus. Please note that in Grade 6, the music for both the male and female settings is the same (it is only the exercises and dances which are different, not the music).  In Grade 7, there are five new pieces which are exclusive to the male syllabus which were interpolated in 2005.  This recording includes these five pieces (which were previously released as a supplement), but is otherwise identical to previous editions.


This newer edition of Grade 6 and 7 music also includes detailed liner notes in the inlay booklet, indicating the sources for all the music. If you are using older editions of the CD, you can still download the inlay booklets from the links below for information. 

Download Grade 6 inlay booklet

Download Grade 7 inlay booklet