Sheet Music Book - Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance

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This volume contains piano/keyboard reductions of the music for exercises and dances in Pre-Primary in Dance and Primary in Dance.  There are two contrasting pieces of music (A) and (B) for each exercise, which can often be enhanced by keyboard settings or percussion.  


  • Music by a variety of composers and in a range of styles from Baroque to Broadway
  • Some of the exercises have folk-style accompaniments. If you wish, you or another musician can download the 'toplines' for these tunes for free, and play along with the backing tracks available on CD2 of the two-CD syllabus CD set, or live with the keyboard accompaniment.
  • You may also be interested in  Dance Class Tunebook, a practical guide to playing for children's classes, with a range of repertoire for use with the Imaginative Movement Sequence in Pre-Primary in Dance